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Thanks for being an exceptional being making sure we all grow. I have been under Olive coaching for close to 5 months now and i must say i have got great value to see my business to next level. My approach to customers has change and using some of her trainings to implement into my business has been great especially on the online space. She is the best if your looking for results and start generating 7 figures in earnings.

NAHLELA JULLIET TASAMA Mental Health Therapist

My name is Armstrong. I’m an undergraduate student studying international relations but with a burning passion for business and entrepreneurship which gain momentum when I encountered Coach Ticha Olive for the very first time in 2021, during a graphic designing class and I have since learn a lot from her business coaching. One thing that makes her stands out from other coaches is that, unlike other coaches who preach merely theories, Coach Olive practically dish out what has worked or is working for her which makes it extremely easy for learners to grab and digest. Without any exaggeration I will recommend her for any business person who wants to.

Mbah Armstrong  –  Entrepreneur

Thank you very much coach Olive for the Sales trainings and coaching session. It has really helped me a lot taking me to the top. When I started my journey as an entrepreneur it wasn’t easy because I never had those skills but from when I started following you and attending your trainings everything about my entrepreneurial life has changed so greatly. At first I couldn’t make even sale of 1000fcfa a day but now I sell and make money on daily basis. Thank you very much Ma’am I don’t regret attending your trainings and being your mentee.

Seh Mildred – Health Advocate

I have been under the coaching of Mme Olive for close a year now and i must say she is the best when it comes to delivering results oriented trainings on sales and other digital skill set which she is good at. Do you have business idea and need help or run a business and need coaching she is here an entrepreneur with a lot of skills in the field of business. she is the best business coach

Bless Shofola –  Photographer

Wow i am so impressed can’t believe my eyes wow

I remember how i got here after the others have started two days and @⁨Ticha olive⁩ told me i will not be able to catch up and i insisted and she had to include me on the condition that she will not give me the lessons that has passed😞

But after she included me i saw people’s works and i started asking questions and begged her to send me the videos😊and she did and that was how i could meet up with the others

And today i am the best designer 🤭,ma thanks very much for the opportunity

I wish to encourage everyone of us in every thing you do please be determined,intentional,consistent and willing to learn because these are the components of success.For this is my secret 👌.

Adeline Nanji

It has been an amazing journey from the start learning new skills and most interesting being able to use my smartphone and create good designs, the lessons are so interesting. i will like to thank Coach Olive for this great opportunity of another skill learn. you are God sent to help some of us.get to her.

Yufola Joyce  – Entrepreneur

I have been taking Coach Olive trainings now for 1 year and my business has never remain the same from the moment i took her program. I highly recommend her because she is a skillful Entrepreneur and a great mentor. Anything digital as well as digital marketing, how to scale your business with sales, want some business coaching, you can get to her.

Edwidge Ando  – Graphics designer

Ticha Olive is a wonderful Business Coach, knows her Job, stands out and deliver timely results. She’s tender at heart, selfless but won’t Joke with a Mentee . She’s sure and follows through to make sure what was to be done is with her and scale your business

Loveline  – Marriage Counselor

Good day mam Ticha Olive . I want to use this opportunity to share my sincere appreciation for your impact in my life business wise . Thanks to your coaching and training on sales and business growth as a whole I have been able to overcome my fears in business and can probably bost of being able to close business deals if hundreds of thousands and even a million thanks to your trainings and mentorship. I pray God gives you the strength to keep impacting and connecting to more person’s so they to can tap from your grace . Thanks very much.

Che Stephany – Digital marketer.

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