Hi I'm Ticha Olive

Growing businesses in the digital space with core skills is what am leveraging on. I am a sales and digital marketing expert, business consultant, Smartphone graphics coach, Trainer and Entrepreneur.  Just the same way Companies like Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram just blew up in our faces in no time. With the emergence of these companies, I made it a must to always understand and stay up to date with their algorithm changes.  Guess why? They make marketing way easier for small and medium businesses. So, any small tweak they make determines if you make more money or less.

My career in sales and marketing is over 7 years now. Looking at how technology has evolved with lot of disruption in the market, not being able to acquire digital skills becomes very difficult for businesses to step up their game of closing sales. Working for NES TECHNOLOGIES as Sales engineer over the past years needed me to take the business to the internet space to be able to keep with the growth of the business to gain more customers.

I practiced and perfected the use of paid adverts, especially Facebook ads to generate growth and to also advertise products to the right target audience that would be interested in what we had to offer.

After a while, I got comfortable sharing information online and dishing out advice to those facing challenges to grow their businesses. People noticed and started consulting me to help check out their Business for coaching, their social media pages and even their marketing funnels to know what I could suggest for them to take action on to grow traffic, increase engagement and increase sales.

My passion for growing small and medium scale businesses helped create in me a vision to one day retire from the 9-5 life and have the time to help them achieve growth. Not only do I look at businesses, I also included corporate workers who want to learn digital skills that can help them add more value at their job site and also create another source of income for themselves.

In 2019, I realized my days of 9-5 were over. I immediately started networking and searching for clients. All this I did by putting myself out there and helping people by organizing free trainings on Sales, Marketing, and Graphics. Before long, I was getting tons of requests from people that needed my expertise and wanted me to help them with their social media pages. Soon, I was in high demand for my services and trained amazing people with whom I have been able to build a team that delivers excellent Sales closing, business coaching, graphics and digital marketing.

It’s just amazing that my dreams of getting away from the 9-5 happened early enough and now I have ample time to be your results oriented in my different skills set.

These days, I consult, do one-on-one coaching and group trainings. I spend my free time binging Netflix and traveling for adventure.

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